"I'm inspired by Greenhouse's mission to combine storytelling and self-reflection with hands-on social justice work. I hope to find ways to help harness the creativity, passion, and interests of Greenhouse teens to tackle real-world social justice issues. "

Scott Weiss

Lead Experience Designer, The Greenhouse
Partner, Creative Director, Community by Design

Scott is an expert storyteller, creative director, organizational and experience designer who cares deeply about how people experience the world around them.  He is passionate about helping organizations small and large fully realize their creative potential in order to activate purposeful transformation.

Prior to Community By Design, Scott was the Product Director at AREA 17, a digital product agency, where he helped brands imagine their digital presence online, in human-centered ways.

He spent 7 years as the Senior Project Manager and Experience Designer at award-winning design firm, IDEO, where he led immersive experience design projects for clients like Citibank, Target, Nike, IAG, Kate Spade, Hershey’s, AAA, and over 100 more companies and organizations.  Additionally, Scott focused a lot of his design efforts collaborating with IDEO colleagues around complicated and systemic aspects of the human narrative such as Aging, Dying, Sex, and Religion.  

Scott started his career in television and film working as a Production Director and Creative Executive for Paramount and later Discovery Communications, where he produced over 50 prime time television shows. He is passionate about narrative and telling stories through digital and in-person mediums and is constantly reimagining how we compel people through stories.