"I'm inspired by Greenhouse's mission to combine storytelling and self-reflection with hands-on social justice work. I hope to find ways to help harness the creativity, passion, and interests of Greenhouse teens to tackle real-world social justice issues. "

Sara Weinreb

Founder, IMBY

Sara Weinreb is the founder of IMBY, a holistic lifestyle brand focused on ethical fashion, sustainable living, and mindfulness. Sara is also a Launch and Growth Consultant, supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in launching new products, initiatives, and services with a social impact mission. Sara previously served as Vice President of Programs and Strategy at PresenTense, a social entrepreneurship accelerator where she worked with over 300 entrepreneurs on building their businesses utilizing and developing design thinking curriculum, and has consulted to EILEEN FISHER on their woman-owned business grant program.

Sara writes regularly for Forbes, Mindbodygreen, and AlleyWatch, where she serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence. She loves yoga, karaoke, and seeing the world through the lens of my camera and is a junky for wellness and stress reduction.