"I'm inspired by Greenhouse's mission to combine storytelling and self-reflection with hands-on social justice work. I hope to find ways to help harness the creativity, passion, and interests of Greenhouse teens to tackle real-world social justice issues. "

Mollie Andron

Associate Director Rabbinical Engagement and Education, Hillel International

Mollie Andron works with rabbis and rabbis in training at Hillel International. Mollie holds a double Masters in Midrash (rabbinic Exegesis) and Jewish Experiential Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a BA in Religion from Bard College. Mollie spent her childhood growing up between the US and Israel. She has worked in a variety of  educational settings, including international human rights organization, elementary school, outdoor education, theater education and Summer camp. When Mollie isn't working she is spending time with her family, other humans ( big and small), the stories that we tell ourselves, plays and playing, cooking and eating, traveling, sunglasses, singing, reading children books, staring at people on the subway until they have to look, breaking down barriers, crossing thresholds and reading Midrash.