"I'm inspired by Greenhouse's mission to combine storytelling and self-reflection with hands-on social justice work. I hope to find ways to help harness the creativity, passion, and interests of Greenhouse teens to tackle real-world social justice issues. "

Leia Grossman

Working as an educator, an advocate for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and in various roles at UN Women and UNICEF, Leia has focused her career on the transformative growth of others through managing and facilitating training and learning events, advising in career development and performance, and producing creative advocacy and communication materials.

She earned her Master’s in Arts-based Human Rights Education at New York University, and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to serving as Policy Analyst at UN Women, she recently produced a documentary about sea shanty singers, and believes in the power of laughter and play to connect us to our most authentic selves, and one another.