"I'm inspired by Greenhouse's mission to combine storytelling and self-reflection with hands-on social justice work. I hope to find ways to help harness the creativity, passion, and interests of Greenhouse teens to tackle real-world social justice issues. "

Jessica Hendricks Yee

Founder, ‎The Brave Collection

Exposed to design and travel from a young age, Jessica Hendricks Yee was born in Paris and grew up outside Manhattan with eyes glued to the cases in her mother’s jewelry shop. Fascinated by indigenous cultures and spirituality, she uses design as a platform to tell powerful stories and connect people to philanthropy, ancient wisdom and faraway places. Hendricks Yee was selected as a 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30, and invited to the White House as one of 60 young entrepreneurs to witness President Obama’s speech encouraging support of Emerging Global Entrepreneurs. Her jewelry brand The Brave Collection has been featured by Vogue, Glamour, MSNBC and Refinery29. Her new line, Zahava Lifestyle is set to launch 2018.