Do I need to be Jewish to participate in The Greenhouse?

No, you don't! While it's true that our programming will be rooted in and inspired by Jewish values and role models, our aim is to be as inclusive and inviting as possible.  We want to give every teen in NYC the opportunity to experience all the amazing content that The Greenhouse has to offer. 


I'm a teacher/facilitator/subject matter expert and would love to get involved.  How do I apply?

We're always looking for innovative and inspiring people to bring into our dynamic community and would love to hear from you!  Please complete this simple online form so we can explore a potential engagement. You can also email Rebecca Schumer with any specific questions!


I'm a parent and would be interested in participating in The Greenhouse series.  Is that possible?

Absolutely. While our Immersive Design Labs and Travel Experiences are designed exclusively for teens,  some of the experiences that we offer through The Greenhouse Series are open to adults. Please visit our Experience page for more detailed information regarding upcoming events.


Do I have to be a member of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue to register my teen for The Greenhouse?

Nope. We designed The Greenhouse with input from hundreds of teens from all over NYC and hope our participation reflects the same diversity. If you are a member of Stephen Wise, help us spread the word! Fill out our simple online contact form.


How do I stay current on programming and event updates?

Please sign up for our newsletter  to receive the most up-to-date information about The Greenhouse. You can also follow us (#greenhouseimpact) on Instagram (TheGreenhouseNYC) and check content posted to our Facebook Page (@thegreenhousenyc) and YouTube channel (TheGreenhouse_NYC).


Do you have more questions? Send us a note at hello@greenhouseimpact.org!