In addition to the year-round workshops and master classes offered through The Greenhouse Series, we encourage teens to apply to our Immersive Design Labs and Travel Experiences.

Our first series of Immersive Design Labs will begin in early 2018, and teach teens how to prototype solutions for pressing social challenges. Teens will then submit these social impact products and/or services to The Greenhouse, and we will incubate the most viable prototypes.

Our Travel Experiences will take our social impact & design challenges on the road, bringing teens to engage with communities all over the world. There will also be trips designed specifically to explore Jewish history and heritage, including to communities experiencing a recent revitalization of Jewish life.

Trips will be designed for different age groups and school schedules, and many will be co-designed with teens over the course of a semester.


Let us know what you are most interested in, and we'll reach out. 

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Immersive Design Lab
Travel Experiences